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What is SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)?

Logistics is an amazingly troublesome field of work. This business territory has now turned out to be all the more overwhelming as there are more products included and a great deal of money riding on the same. High-end logistical operations are critical in nature and should be taken care of with additional care. What's more, warehouses have developed from being simple storage boxes and have now progressed toward becoming best in class high-flow dispersion communities for different logistical operations. Quick business cycles and frequently shifting priorities in business possessions have cleared a path for such plans.

This is the place the SAP Extended Warehouse Management becomes an integral factor. It is a segment of the SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) business package yet isn't really a part of this suite. It is additionally accessible without the SCM as it contains standard warehouse management applications and provides clients with a flexible and smooth help for preparing the movements of products in their warehouses and dealing with the stocks show in that.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

To get the full advantage of SAP Extended Warehouse Management tools and techniques, one needs to delineate the warehouse and characterize its physical structure. Distinguishing proof of the bulk storage, racking offices, and bin locations form integral parts of this module. This is because a logical gathering together of countless containers is basic for the best possible position of stock. SAP EWM monitors every one of the exercises in a warehouse, for example, storage bins and taking care of units; alongside using all the accessible assets and keeping up them at a healthy rate. It likewise helps warehouse managers assign tasks and keep up warehouse requests by coordinating the procedures of:
  • Slotting
  • Cross-docking 
  • de-solidification
  • Complex interior steering
  • Yard administration
  • VAS
  • Kitting

SAP Extended Warehouse Management Courses

Courses identified with this well-known SAP module furnish wannabes with all imperative information for understanding the basics of SAP EWM solutions (counting the capacities bolstered by them), the correct methods for setting up those capacities, and methods for beginning with projects that use those capacities for supporting warehouse operations.

Some imperative parts of a course in SAP Extended Warehouse Management are:

  • Background/history of SAPs warehousing applications
  • Evolution of SAP EWM
  • Variations of SAP EWM brand
  • EWM execution and tools
  • Troubleshooting warehousing issues and so on.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP Extended Warehouse Management

With the extended warehouse management solution from SAP, any association can adequately pick up an edge over its rivals with upgraded warehouse effectiveness. This, thusly, prompts numerous positive opportunities for applicants seeking after a profession in SAP EWM.

  • The course helps in managing the circumstances where there are numerous customers - a to a great degree normal circumstance these days.
  • It enables SAP to warehouse manager design a profoundly pliable warehouse via simple procedures.
  • It helps in making an appropriate stock with a higher-level of transparency and there are no shady smokescreens in regards to logistics and supply chains.
  • It advances the whole planning procedure of the warehouse and makes process execution simpler.
  • SAP EWM bolsters every modern luxury inside the warehouse and coordinates modern technology like RFID and RF.

Turn into a Certified in SAP Extended Warehouse Management Consultant

Subsequent to picking up a certification in SAP EWM, hopefuls with sufficient experience in the field of SAP EWM, and having good communication skills, can choose the part of an Extended Warehouse manager of the consultant. For the most part, organizations are vigilant for SAP experts who have done at least one E2E implementation. SAP associations are prepared to offer incredible pay structures to those meeting their custom criteria.


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